Hot Melt Coating Machine | Hot Melt Coating Machine in India

The use of hot melt as a bonding adhesive in the industry has been transformed over the past few years and is gradually replacing conventional solvent or water-based systems and flame lamination.

Trasy Enterprises is one of the leading designers and builder of a wide range of HOT MELT COATING machines with all the options mentioned below. We offer coating machines which are fully featured, efficient and affordable. Accurate & precision coating is assured. Our machines are high quality and are designed specifically for use in the flexible packaging and other related industries.

HOT MELT COATING MACHINE by Trasy Enterprises was developed in 2006 & exhibited in IIASE'07 exhibition at Nehru Center, Bombay.

The hot melt coating machine mainly consists of Four important parts:

Pre Melting Unit:

The Hot melt adhesive is available in solid form. For coating a thin layer on the web it is required in liquid form. The Premelter, melts the adequate quantity required for coating.

Hot Melt Hose:

The gravure coating process relies on an engraved roller running in a coating bath, which fills the engraved dots or lines of the roller with the coating material. The excess coating on the roller is wiped off by the Doctor Blade and the coating is then deposited onto the substrate as it passes between the Engraved roller and a Pressure Roller.

Coating Head:

Coating Head: This unit can be various types


Reverse Roll


Gravure Roll


Slot Die / T die

Unwind -Rewind unit:

This is a unwind brake & winding tension combination to get constant speed & constant tension winding.